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Hi Guys,
Just to say "Thanks" for bring the AN2 to the Festival of Flight last month.
The opportunity to fly with you was certainly a highlight.
I managed a to get a ticket on your first flight on Sunday.  Enjoyed it so much got another ticket on the last Adventure flight of the day.

Great stuff.

Next time we are at another show you are attending will be myself and my wife in the queue for the first flight.  Unfortunately my ( very aviation minded) wife was unable to join me at FOF this year.

All the best for the coming airshow season.

One of the things I most admire about your operation is that your whole team are there because they enjoy it. 

If any of you are heading this way let me know as would be more than welcome to show you around my home field Ardmore.  Plenty of Warbirds etc and the aircraft I help operate a PBY Catalina.

Anyway keep up the great work.


Auckland NZ
PS decided to book airline tickets etc to FOF especially to experience the AN2.  Thx

Hi Guys,

It Was great to meet with you at Caboolture, i do remember years ago when you were just lads learning to fly at Barrys. Thanks you very much for the Fly in the AN2, I also was very impressed that you took some of the volunteers for a Freebie, it is guys like you are keeping the spirit of aviation alive in this country.

Thanks again, looking forward to catching up in Ingham.


Knoxie Jr

Hi Seppo, Pauli & Vesa

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the flight in your AN2 on sunday at the festival of flight at Caboolture, Being someone who enjoys flight in planes of all types and sizes, this really put a smile on my face.
Please find enclosed a disc with a few pics taken on the weekend. If for any reason you cant open the disc, don’t hesitate in contacting me for another copy of the pics.

Thanks again

Michael ( Tuddy ) Tudman

Hi guys,

Just a note to thanks you for the fantastic flight in the AN2 on Sunday 13th November 2011 at Lilydale airfield. I am far more used to piloting my own adventure flights in my Winjeel, so usually get a little ‘twitchy’ when down back! However, the experience you provided was so welcoming and inclusive that I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for the duration. Likewise, my 16 year old son has been showing off videos and images at school ever since. It was also great to see the young kids being urged to come up front for a look; an experience that is unfortunately not possible these days in commercial aircraft. I highly recommend anyone remotely interested in aviation to take advantage of a flight in the AN2 while it remains in Melbourne. It’s great value for money, and these guys are airline pilots in their days jobs... 


James Courtney  

Hi Vesa,

We took our flight yesterday, Sat 13/10/12, so I am just writing to say how enjoyable it was and what good friendly service we received!  It was a great experience flying in such a machine and I will be able to enjoy flying my own Antonov on my Flight Simulator all the better now!

Thanks and all the best,

David Parker

7/10/12 - Sent via SMS

Just wanting to thank you for superior service & an unforgettable memory. Sabine

03/11/12 Sent via SMS

Hi Vesa 

Just to let you know the flight was great. You and your brothers are awesome, thank you for the opportunity. We will be back. Keep smiling, cheers Lyn

Groupon Passengers Feedback

Loved it loved it My partner watching in the bleechers was envious. It was lovely how it's a family interest as well. Awesome
January 09, 2013 

No it was an excellent flight....staff very imformative and polite and well mannered ... all a good experience !!!!!
January 08, 2013

Well organised
January 08, 2013 Reply

Loved it. Superb machine and great service. I have flown on many types of aircraft but there is nothing I can compare it with!
January 08, 2013 Reply

Thank you for a wonderful flight
January 08, 2013 Reply

Even after landing i was still floating on cloud 9.Great experience for aviation buffs
January 08, 2013 Reply

Living Social Customer feed back.

1 Wonderful experience and guys very friendly 03/24/2013

2 excellent hosts,put you at ease and keep you excited.a really rare experience 03/16/2013

3 Top Notch once in a lifetime expirence 02/02/2013

Average Rating - 100%

Thumbs Up

A Voucher holder purchased from us direct in Brisbane. After some major family health issues we managed to get the whole family up for the flights on various different dates, around hospital visits. A much enjoyed day. 

Jan- May 2013

Hi Vesa,

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your help with the flights for my family.

We went a couple of weeks ago and mum had the clear from the Dr to go up after her aneurism rupture so myself, mum, my brother and his girlfriend all went up.  Dad came and took photos (he went up earlier in the year) and it was a wonderful day for the family particularly after such a horrible 6 months.
The pilots were lovely and the guys at the museum were really friendly and welcoming as well.
Thank you so much to all of you.  It was the perfect family day that we needed!

Kind regards,


Hi Vesa. 

Thankyou for an awesome flight this afternoon.  It was an absolute delight to get to fly in the AN-2 and I can certainly see why you have such a soft spot for the aircraft. I was particularly impressed with how gracious you were with your time and your patience in answering our questions, both today and on our previous visit to Lilydale when the weather caused our flight to be cancelled.  I will be certain to recommend your services to all of my friends and family.  Thank you once again for a great time. Fair winds and clear skies.

Scott Woodford